It’s Not Curry. November 2011.

These images were taken during my third visit to India in 2011. After working as a photographer and travelling extensively through the country, the diversity in culture, language, religion, environment and ‘way of life’ have become more and more apparent.

However, it’s evident that certain qualities are characterised by all Indians regardless of locality, background, age or creed. An inherent sense of pride – in their work, for their communities and for the plethora of natural and man-made wonders their country offers to the rest of the world. An incredible zest for life – be it the abundance of colour in their clothing to the vigor in how they go about even the most routine day-to-day activities. An unrivaled fondness and appreciation of food, feasts and celebrations – from preparation, to serving and offering and of course its consumption.

These eight images (taken in Karnataka, Punjab and Haryana and West Bengal) are part of a body of work that represents a unique perspective, not synonymous with most Western people’s idea, of India and Indian food.

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