Call me a photographer, digital geek, style aficionado.

By weekend and when I travel I unleash my creativity through photography. By day (and quite often night) I work in grown-up job working in media and digital innovation. By any other hour you’ll see me sporting a highly colourful wardrobe – I’m rarely in the same outfit twice, I love vintage and my style is what I like to call ‘sophisticated with a twist’.

Call me Sheila, P.O.M, Kaaskop.

I was born and raised in the balmy city of Brisbane, Australia, but I’ve called London home for 16 years and have an absolute love for the city. I’m also half English and half Dutch. My home is where my heart is and because I’ve fallen in love with so many places around the world I guess you could say I’m a global romantic?

Call me a host of local travel experiences.

On the side I host local travel experiences in London, and have been contributing to that thing called the ‘sharing economy’ for six years now. I’m a champion of local – supporting local, independent businesses and exploring places the way that locals do. You can visit my profile and the experiences I offer on travel marketplace Vayable. I’ve also written a destination guide for London among other pieces.

Want to book a travel experience directly with me?
Get in touch via email to discuss dates, your interests, what experience you’re interested in etc and then make a booking via PayPal. I offer bespoke half-day (four-hour) face-to-face experiences and bespoke half-day itineraries, which you receive as a PDF.

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I am Kathryn Louise Geels. I am Ghel Creative.

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